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7327 Timberlake Road. Lynchburg, VA 24502    /    Phone: 434.237.0413   /    Fax: 434.237.1372
Initial consultations are always at no charge.
Patients will then return as soon as possible to have their exam and x-ray findings explained to them by their doctor, answering the following questions:
Most insurances are accepted. Participating providers with Anthem (BCBS), Cigna, Piedmont (PCHP), Southern Health, American Health Specialty (ACH), Aetna, etc. 
We do our best to accommodate patients with same day appointments.
First visits consist of a full examination, x-rays, and a possible massage to start relieving your pain.
Our goal is to give you the highest quality care, enabling you 
to heal, strengthen, and return to your daily active lives!
What is causing your pain, and what can we do to help you?
Services are then tailored according to each individual's needs.
Give your Mother a massage gift certificate!!
For Mother's Day!!
$90 - 1 hour massage
$45 - 1/2 hour massage
Chiropractors are well-trained doctors specializing in the structure and function of the spine and joints of the body.
Initial consultations are always at no charge. We do our best to accommodate patients with same day appointments.
Why choose Central Virginia Chiropractic Center, Inc.? Read what our patients have to say about their treatment.
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At our front desk we have Taylor Cash to assist with any scheduling of appointments! She will greet you with a smiling face!
Topic of The Week

Q: Does chiropractic care help in treating sinuses & sinus headaches??

A: Definitely yes!! Most headaches, whether they be sinus, tension, muscular, cluster, or migraine can be traced back to a "pinched nerve" from the neck. That is why chiropractic care works so well with these kind of headaches. We always rule out any kind of tumor etc. for the safety of our patients!!  Once these areas in the neck are found, the chiropractic adjustment (manipulation) is given. As these adjustments are given over a period of time, the muscles can fully relax and the pressure comes off the "pinched nerve", allowing the headaches to safely go away. As we are getting to the true cause of the problem, the headaches can reduce dramatically in both frequency and intensity. 
There is no more powerful way to get rid of your headaches than the chiropractic adjustment!!

Also, severe post-nasal drip can be the only complaint from sinuses, which can cause much havoc to the throat, etc. Chiropractic care is also excellent for this condition!!

If you, or anyone you know, are suffering, please call to schedule your consultation at no charge!!!  We would love to help you!!
(434) 237- 0413